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Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry


Deadlines and format

If you were admitted to a doctoral research programme in this Faculty from October 2013 onwards, you will undergo a probationary review (formal assessment of progress and recommendation regarding registration) towards the end of your probationary period.

Your department will specify a format for your progress report and the deadline by which it is to be submitted (N.B. the details in your Department may vary slightly from the process set out here - please refer to your department's postgraduate handbook or webpages for the definitive version).

The current report word limits and submission deadlines are:

dept report start start start start start start
  word limit MT 2022 LT 2023 ET 2023 MT 2023 LT 2024 ET 2024
Astronomy 10,000 29 Jun 2023 - - 28 Jun 2024 - -
Chemistry 12,000 28 Jun 2023 09 Oct 2023 17 Jan 2024 28 Jun 2024 08 Oct 2024 17 Jan 2025
Materials 15,000 15 Jun 2023 28 Sep 2023 09 Jan 2024 14 Jun 2024 27 Sep 2024 09 Jan 2025
Physics 12,000 06 Jul 2023 28 Sep 2023 11 Jan 2024 05 July 2024 27 Sep 2024 10 Jan 2025

The report deadline for students registered on the EPSRC CDTs in Automated Chemical Synthesis Enabled by Digital Molecular Technologies (SynTech) and Nuclear Energy Futures is 1 September, irrespective of the Department they are in. BBSRC DTP students joining us in ET and those registered on the EPSRC CDT in Aerosol Science are normally treated as ET starters to the Faculty for the purposes of report deadline; if you are unclear what your deadline is please contact us.


Examination access arrangements

Should you wish to make a voluntary disclosure of any disability/chronic illness that might affect the conduct of your viva please complete and this disclosure form before you submit. We invite you to do this up to two months in advance to allow us time to consult with the DRC and make appropriate access arrangements - you do not have to wait until you are ready to submit your report.


How to submit

Your report should be submitted onto the Moodle course 'Degree Committee Student Submissions'. Please refer to your department's postgraduate handbook for any additional requirements. You can find a guide for using Moodle to upload your report: Moodle student guide. Please submit the following items:


  1. your report as a single  .pdf file - don't forget to put your name and the title on the front page! Please name your report file in the format of [Surname]_[FirstName]_Report
  2. a Probationary Review Declaration & Certificate of Submission saved as a .pdf with the naming format of [Surname]_[FirstName]_Certificate. The certificate confirms that:
  • you understand the procedure set out on this website
  • have familiarised yourself with the University's rules for good practice in academic writing - this is very important and breaches of these rules are taken very seriously
  • the work is all your own except as acknowledged in the report
  • it does not exceed the word limit. Please do not exceed the word limit - if you do, it is likely that your report will be returned to you for revision.
  1. a completed coronavirus Research Impact Statement form saved as a .pdf with the naming format of [Surname]_[FirstName]_CoronavirusImpact.
    The purpose of the statement is to allow you to describe any restrictions or difficulties encountered in undertaking your research as a result of COVID-19 and to detail any adjustments that were put in place. Your assessors will take into account the impact of the disruption when assessing your first year report, but the academic standards for progression to the PhD degree remain unchanged. Submission of a Research Impact Statement is optional, although the Department of Chemistry expects all their students submit the form even if the impact on your research was minimal.


You should not send your report or any other material directly to your assessors.


Help! I am not going to submit on time!

If you can't find the page you are looking for or find a broken link do let us know (please use the email link in the 'Contact us' section below).

Office closures

There are no imminent closing dates.
Research degree theses should still be submitted by your submission deadline even if that falls over the holiday period.

Meetings schedule

Meetings of the Degree Committee and Degree Ceremonies: