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Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry



The Faculty of Physics and Chemisty includes the Departments of Chemistry, Materials Science & Metallurgy, and Physics, and the Institute of Astronomy. Each department has its own postgraduate office who provide day-to-day support for students and academics. Primary departmental contacts for postgraduate matters can be found here.

The Degree Committee

The Faculty of Physics and Chemistry entrusts the oversight of its postgraduate programmes to a Degree Committee of up to 19 academics who are representative of the four constituent departments.

The Degree Committee meets approximately monthly in term-time to discuss postgraduate student policy matters and to consider postgraduate examination and progress reports. It is the awarding body for Masters and (from 1 Oct 2020) PhD degrees, and recommends the results for higher degrees to the Postgraduate Committee. Routine matters (such as appointment of examiners, working away and other allowances - as well as most admissions business) are dealt with on a daily basis and are not tied to the meetings schedule. The Committee's policy on delegated and vacation powers is here.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for University of Cambridge Degree Committees can be found in the Statutes and Ordinances (Ordinances, Chapter IX).

The Degree Committee Office 

For most purposes, please contact us using the Office's general email address:

Mrs Silvana Dean  

Senior Degree Committee Administrator

Secretary of the Degree Committee


tel 01223 (7)46766


Mr Nigel Jackson  

Degree Committee Administrator


tel 01223 (7)46764

Mrs Susan Meah




tel 01223 (7)66927

Where to find us

Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry, 17 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RX

We are located on the ground floor of 17 Mill Lane - enter by the blue door nearest the pointer - go through the foyer and turn right - we are through the second door on the right

The Office is normally open from 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday, except during public holidays.

If you can't find the page you are looking for or find a broken link do let us know (please use the email link in the 'Contact us' section below).

Office closures

The Degree Committee office will close from midday on Friday 23 December 2022 and will reopen again on Tuesday 3 January 2023.
Research degree theses should still be submitted by your submission deadline even if that falls over the holiday period.

Meetings schedule

Meetings of the Degree Committee and Degree Ceremonies: