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Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry


The Certificate of Postgraduate Study (CPGS) in Natural Science is no longer used in this Faculty as a probationary registration for doctoral studies and is now used primarily as an exit award for students who:

  • do not wish to proceed after the PhD probationary review; or
  • ​have failed to be registered for the PhD following probationary review; or
  • have failed to be approved for a Masters degree but have completed a passable dissertation

In order to qualify for the CPGS, a student will need to have completed a dissertation that the assessors/examiners deem satisfactory for the certificate. This requirement is normally satisfied by the first year probationary report and viva, but the assessors will be asked if they are satisfied that the Certificate can be awarded without further examination. The Degree Committee has the final say on whether the work meets the standard for a CPGS.


University Regulations

Subject to the General Regulations and course-specific Regulations in the Statutes and Ordinances (Ordinances, Chapter VII).


Examination review

A candidate who fails to be awarded the CPGS, and feels unfairly treated, has recourse to the University's Examination Review procedure

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Office closures

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry will be closed from 5pm on Thursday 28 March 2024 and will reopen again on Tuesday 2 April 2024.
Research degree theses should still be submitted by your submission deadline even if that falls over the holiday period.