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Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry


Code of Practice

PhD, MSc, MPhil by thesis: The University's Code of Practice for Research Students sets out the mutual responsibilities and expectations of research students, their supervisors and others responsible for postgraduate study. You should familiarise yourself with the Code. Supervisors and Advisors are asked to sign each student's copy of the Code to confirm that they have read and discussed it.

Supervisor and student should agree frequency and timing of meetings from the outset and review it regularly. You might find it useful to complete the Research and Resources form with your new student to agree expectations relating to frequency of contact and access to facilities.

MRes, MPhil with taught elements: The Code of Practice for Masters Students covers students on taught programmes.


Faculty/Departmental Policy

Your Department Postgraduate Administrator will be able to provide more details of both Faculty policy regarding supervision and the department's particular approach to postgraduate supervision. Please also refer to your department's guide for current postgraduate students.

If you can't find the page you are looking for or find a broken link do let us know (please use the email link in the 'Contact us' section below).

Office closures

There are no imminent closing dates.
Research degree theses should still be submitted by your submission deadline even if that falls over the holiday period.

Meetings schedule

Meetings of the Degree Committee and Degree Ceremonies:

2023-24 Degree Committee dates:

20 October, 17 November 2023.

9 January, 16 February, 15 March 2024.

26 April, 7 May, 14 June, 13 September 2024.

2023-24 Degree Ceremonies:

20,21 October, 25 November 2023

26 January, 24 February, 23 March, 6 April, 27 April, 17,18 May, 18,19,20 July 2024.