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Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry


If you wish to permanently withdraw from your course, or come off the student Register until such time as you are ready to resume your studies and/or you submit your thesis, you need to let the University know as soon as possible.

Application guidance and further information, including the consequences of coming off the Register, can be found on the Cambridge Students websites:



Removal from the Register takes several forms. You may apply for temporary removal before your submission deadline if you wish to take up full-time paid employment. More commonly you may be removed from the Register if you have not met your deadline for submission of your thesis (you will not be taken off the Register if you have applied for an extension and your application is still under consideration).

In addition, you may be removed from the Register if you have not made satisfactory progress or paid your fees.

If you are temporarily removed from the Register, the University Information Services (UIS) will email giving four weeks' notice before your email address is deactivated. It will allow you to opt to retain the account for a further two months. Also, a department can apply directly to the UCS for a student's email address to remain active for longer periods of time:



Please be aware that coming off the register does NOT stop the clock on your PhD, so if you have not submitted by your thesis by your submission deadline you will be recorded as having overrun.

If you are granted permission to be reinstated and you have already completed the minimum number of terms of research required for your degree, you will be reinstated to the Register for submission of your thesis and examination only. Only if you have not completed the minimum number of research terms will you be allowed to come back onto the Register for the remaining period before submitting your thesis.

If you have not successfully completed a first year registration review before leaving, the Degree Committee may require you to reapply for admission in direct competition with other applicants.



We recommend you speak to your supervisor, College Tutor and/or Department Postgraduate Office before making the decision to permanently leave your course. There may be other options open to you such as intermission or changing down to another degree for an earlier exit.


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The DC 'remote' Office will be closed from 3pm on Friday 28 August 2020 for the August Bank Holiday. We reopen at 9am on Tuesday 1 September 2020.

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